Our only goal is to help our clients achieve their personal and business financial goals.

At Joel Isaacson & Co., we offer comprehensive planning, wealth management and sophisticated tax strategies for over 700 clients—the majority of whom have been with us for years. We believe this kind of customer loyalty is a direct result of our dedication to helping our clients manage risk and investments, improve cash flow, and reduce or defer income. Our personal commitment to our clients is always uncompromising.

Investment Management

To many other financial companies, managing a client’s investments is strictly about the numbers. At Joel Isaacson & Co., we see our clients’ investments on an emotional level as well — they represent their hopes, their dreams, and the security of their families. So we treat their money as carefully as we do our own.

  • Analyze a client’s current portfolio to ensure that the mix of assets is consistent with their financial objectives and the investments themselves are of an appropriate quality.
  • Evaluate a client’s risk tolerance as well as present and future income needs to determine appropriate anticipated yields and relevant tax strategies.
  • Suggest a specific asset allocation to adjust a client’s portfolio using selected no-load mutual funds (and money managers), if appropriate.
  • Monitor/Maintain our clients’ financial plans as the market and their individual situations change, as they constantly do.

Cash Flow Management

We work closely with each client to ascertain if they will be able to maintain their lifestyle through major life events and throughout their cycle of expenses.

  • Develop multi-year cash flow models in which short- and long-term expenditures, such as tax payments, new residences, children’s education, etc., are anticipated and appropriately funded. For those nearing retirement, we evaluate how they can maintain their lifestyle or what they need to do to get there.
  • Model cash flows that can be available to fund investment strategies while making sure our clients are prepared for unexpected financial situations.

Estate Planning

When considering a family’s future, it’s all about peace-of-mind. We work hard to ensure our clients’ families are secure when they are not around to protect them.

  • Review wills and trusts to make specific planning suggestions. We then coordinate the strategy with the client’s other trusted professionals.
  • Develop an estate plan that considers both dispositive and tax-saving objectives.
  • Coordinate the implementation of estate plan to documents, including reviewing title and beneficiaries, as a Will can only serve its purpose if account titles are changed accordingly.
  • Monitor our clients’ estate planning needs as their individual situations change.

Tax Planning

With significant wealth comes additional complexity when it comes to taxes. But for us, taxes are not just about completing tax returns. Rather, our financial planning and tax strategies are highly integrated so we can continually find opportunities to keep our clients’ money in their hands.

  • Thoroughly review tax planning opportunities to proactively plan financial transactions to minimize current and future tax liabilities.
  • Conduct proactive quarterly and year-end tax planning to avoid underpayment penalties and interest-free loans to the government.
  • Prepare personal, corporate and fiduciary federal and state income tax filings, as well as help clients respond to government inquiries.

Employee Benefit Coordination

Employer-provided benefits are often overlooked and underutilized. Here is what we do to make sure our clients take full advantage of such plans:

  • Review our clients’ company-provided benefits and seek ways to enhance their value to the individual within the overall financial plan.
  • Coordinate these benefits with personal insurance, investment and tax planning.

Insurance Planning

Coordinating a client’s various insurance plans to make sure they are well protected can give an added touch of security and is an essential part of our planning process. To help them do that, we make sure all their plans are working together by:

  • Analyzing current personal and employer provided insurance coverage, as well as capital needs to determine the optimal level of life, long-term care and disability insurance. This includes an analysis of property/casualty coverage consisting of homeowner’s, auto and umbrella liability contracts.

Retirement Planning

A client’s financial independence and realization of their retirement dreams should be the culmination of a life of hard work. We work with clients to help them understand the challenges and opportunities before them and the decisions they need to make now so that they can get to live the life they are seeking in retirement.

  • Review a client’s current retirement plans to maximize accumulations while minimizing taxes on distributions.
  • Synchronize and translate a client’s retirement goals and objectives into their targeted funding strategies and overall asset allocation mix.
  • Analyze, on a continual basis, whether they are “on-track” for their targeted financial independence goals.