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Dina Kizhner

Dina Kizhner, Director of Human Resources

Dina joined the JICO family in the summer of 2020, being the first employee to onboard into the firm during a global pandemic. Running the Human Resources function at the firm, she truly believes that taking care of our people is our number one priority. Dina brings with her over 15 years of experience guiding companies through all sorts of complex HR matters. When not focused on the people at work, she stays focused on people at home. Dina loves traveling with her family, spending time outdoors and enjoying all that life has to offer with a smile and a positive attitude.

Our people are our greatest assets at the firm. By hiring the best in the industry and cultivating their development throughout their careers, we have built a top wealth management firm made up of true experts in their fields who love what they do and are committed to their clients’ best interests.

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