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Joel Isaacson & Co. LLC is a leading independent wealth management firm in New York City—with the knowledge and resources to plan for our clients’ needs. For over 20 years, we have been providing comprehensive fee-only wealth management services to our clients. Our independence means that our focus is clearly on our clients’ best interests. We are not attached to any big institutional firms and we maintain our objectivity at all times to provide our clients with our best possible advice to help them achieve their personal and business goals.

Our difference: A unique combination of sophisticated planning, investment management and highly integrated tax strategies set Joel Isaacson & Co. apart from our competition.

The benefits to our clients are clear: We provide long-term, innovative wealth management and truly individualized personal service, year after year, from generation to generation.

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Isaacson Update & Special Reports

Markets too calm?

U.S. GDP growth was revised further downward for the first quarter, marking the largest drop since early 2009. Expectations are for growth to rebound in the second half (a very harsh winter depressed activity in the first part of the year). Other indicators were more positive, including continued improvements in the labor market. Global monetary policy continues as a significant swing factor affecting financial markets, as do the trajectories of current geopolitical conflicts.

For investors, the second quarter was positive. Larger-cap U.S. stocks were up 5.2% for the quarter and 7.0% for the year to date. Smaller-company stocks lagged as they have so far this year. Developed international stocks rose 4.4% as the European Central Bank took further easing steps. After a poor first quarter, emerging-markets stocks rallied, gaining 7.3% for the quarter. Core U.S. bonds shared in the quarter’s gains as bond yields continued to fall—a surprise to many investors. The Federal Reserve remained consistent in its message: gradually scaling back its monthly bond purchases while indicating a lack of urgency in raising rates.

While low volatility and high stock prices reflect the market’s apparent lack of concern about risk, this seeming complacency could suggest a market more vulnerable to negative surprises. Unfortunately, in the current low-volatility, low-yield, high-stock-price environment, there are no “easy” places to go for returns. This remains a period in which patience and discipline are particularly critical, even if over the shorter-term it may not seem so as markets continue to hit new highs.

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