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Isaacson Update & Special Reports

Will 2014 Follow 2013's Lead

An improving global economy as well as the Federal Reserve’s supportive policies helped propel stocks higher during the fourth quarter and for the full year. Large cap U.S. stocks rose 32%, their best annual gains since 1997, while small cap stocks soared even higher. As economic conditions in Europe and Japan showed some signs of improvement, developed international stocks were strong as well, returning 22% for the year. In contrast, emerging-markets stocks were negative, as investors reacted to softer economic growth and potential changes in U.S. monetary policy.

Looking ahead, the Fed’s tapering can be viewed as a vote of confidence on the economy. However, its intention to keep the federal funds rate near zero for the foreseeable future reflects its view that risks remain. Even as we recognize economic improvements here and globally, we continue to see excessive global debt, continued sluggish wage and income growth, unprecedented monetary policies with uncertain exit plans, and questions about the strength of economies around the globe, including the eurozone, China, and Japan.

In short, while there have been fundamental improvements in the macro environment over the past year, many big-picture risks remain as we look out over the next five years. Therefore, we believe it is prudent to manage portfolios with these risks—and their potentially significant market impacts—firmly in mind.

We appreciate your confidence and trust, and extend our best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.